Hotel ticket rules and regulations
Terms and conditions of the comprehensive hotel ticket group discount system

All users who intend to subscribe or book any service from the Bilitor website must read the terms of this agreement in full and then proceed to subscribe and purchase from the site. Membership in the site or purchase from it means studying and accepting the terms of purchase and membership and the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 1
People should refer to the membership section at the time of purchase or in normal mode to join the site and buy from it. In this step, by entering the necessary information such as name, password and e-mail address, a membership confirmation link will be sent to them, and users will click to confirm the membership steps.

note 1
Only natural persons have the right to join the site. (In other words, legal entities can benefit from the services of the website and booking services on the site in a personal and real way, like other users)

Note 2
Mere membership in the site is a reason to accept the terms of the agreement and otherwise is not accepted in any way.

Note 3
The user must keep their password and username and if they forget it, they can re-register and get a new password.

Note 4
Only natural persons have the right to join the site. The user must enter his e-mail address along with other requested information correctly and the user is responsible for registering incorrect or inaccurate.

Note 5
Membership in the Bilitor site is completely free and the buyer does not receive any money for registration or membership under any circumstances and only the fee can be paid in accordance with the same reservation that is listed in the relevant sections of each service and esteemed customers can Having a voucher for Bilitor or using the services of that union unit (concert, tour, festival, theater, sports complex, etc.), you can use the steps of completing the purchase that has been done through the Bilitor website and the provider of goods and services, dear ones, and Share your satisfaction with this performance from the beginning to the end with the management of Bilitor website, so that in case of dissatisfaction with the service, it will be removed from the site and is reflected under the heading of comments and criticisms. Follow us through the communication section.

Note 6
Because in some cases it is possible to authenticate the buyer through the name and surname provided on the site, the responsibility for any discrepancy between the above information and the real identity of the member lies with the individuals themselves and the Bilitor website has no responsibility for any discrepancies.

Note 7
Each person is allowed to have only one account in the portal and the ticket system of the hotel.

Article 2
The user is responsible for maintaining all the equipment provided in the various services and in case of any problem, the responsibility is entirely on the person booking.

Article 3
People over the age of 18 have all the membership and transaction (purchase) rights on the company site.

note 1
Membership is possible and valid for people between 15 and 18 years old with the permission of the guardian or guardian. People under 15 do not have the right to join the hotel ticket system.

Note 2
Observance of the provisions of this article and the accuracy of the information provided is the responsibility of the customer (member) and the bilitor system has no responsibility in this regard.

Article 4
The member user, after registering and obtaining the password, has the right to purchase from the site.

Article 5
The process of buying from the site by the user is as follows:
A- Visiting the services provided on the site
B- Payment of the determined amount online to the account of Bilitor system or card-to-card deposit (concluding a contract)
C- Sending receipts of goods and services purchased in the form of email or in the form of SMS to the e-mail address or mobile phone number of the user to provide to the service provider and receive service vouchers directly from the service provider

note 1
Service receipts are sent immediately after the first purchase, except in cases where the use of discount coupons inherently requires a minimum of buyers (such as tours or training classes that require a minimum number of people to arrive to form a class or In case of not reaching the quorum of the number of buyers in the specified time in these cases, terminate the contract between the member user and the company and the company will deposit funds for the member user for future purchases in a special virtual account designated for each member. Is, maintains. If the member user intends to return the funds, provided that he announces his night number to the company, the funds will be credited to Masharalieh’s account within a maximum of 48 business hours. Also, the mentioned funds will not receive any interest from the time of depositing the money in the accounts of the ticket system until the funds are in the hotel ticket system.

Note 2
By sending the receipt of goods and services, the member user must refer to the authorities and service centers in person (or in a special case as notified to him at the time of sale) within the specified time and use that receipt. If for any reason goods and services are sent to the user by that center, the relevant costs are not generally borne by the bilitor system.

Note 3
Membership in the site is free. If the service sales centers (suppliers) refuse to provide services in any way, the bilitor system is not responsible in this regard and the service provider is responsible for compensation.

Note 4
Bilitor system has no responsibility for the quality, quantity and services provided by the organizers and service providers.

Note 5
If the deadline for using the service expires and the customer during this period

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