How does your site work?
In general, the site works in such a way that the organizer of tours and events, as well as the owners of furnished apartments and guarantors of hotel rooms become members of the site and place their services to provide our site, and users and travelers can get all the services. See the tourist in a complete set and make your reservation in a safe environment
How are payments made?
Payments vary depending on the type of service and the type of service provided, some on a daily basis and some require the approval and consent of the passenger, which is settled after the approval and consent of the passenger.
Are there any restrictions on adding services?
No, there are no restrictions on placing services on the site (except in cases of unlawfulness) and all services including tours, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, furnished apartments, and hotels can be placed on the site.
Can I offer my services to foreign travelers?
Can I offer my services to foreign travelers? The site will be launched in Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Azerbaijani versions soon, and all services will be available for foreign travelers.
How can I pay?
How can I pay? In general, there is no limit to payment on the site and users can pay through bank portals and card to card.