about Turkey


About Turkey

 Turkey , today Turkey is the focus of attention of many tourists in the world due to its geographical location and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The Turkish government has also provided conditions for students from all over the world to choose Turkish universities for further education

These advantages have been created over time and with the attention of the government of this country to the needs of the day and have provided the basis for the expansion of Turkish investment

About Turkey History

The history of Turkey can be divided into 5 parts: the early part, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Republic

Every part of Turkey’s history has had many ups and downs like other countries, but the turning point of Turkey’s history is related to the modern era and it was during the government of Mustafa Kemal Pasha or Atatürk. He is very popular in the Turkish society because of the extensive services he provided.

About Turkey Geography


About Turkey map

In the following article about Turkey, we will talk about the geography of this country, Turkey has a common border with Armenia and Georgia from the north, Greece from the west, Iran from the east, and Syria from the south. Another important point is that Turkey is the connecting point between Asia and Europe and this geographical location adds to the role of this country in international trade.

The city of Istanbul is considered an important region as a city that part of it is in the continent of Asia and part of it is in the continent of Europe

Important cities of about Turkey

Among the important cities of Turkey, we can mention Ankara as the political capitalof Turkey, Istanbul as

the commercial capital of Turkey and Antalya as the tourism capital of Turkey

Neighbors of Turkey

As mentioned, Turkey shares borders with Iran, Armenia, Greece and Syria

Turkish Sociology

society is mainly a religious society due to its historical Islamic background in relation to the dispersion of religions in this country, small towns are mostly cities with a more religious appearance, and most of the people of Turkey are Muslim, although there is a less religious form in it. City centers because of the tourist context that was created

Religions in Turkey

The first constitution of the Republic of Turkey, which was prepared in 1924, introduced Islam as the official religion of Turkey

However, in the constitutional amendments of 1928, this legal article was removed and by emphasizing the separation of religion from politics, Turkey as

A) A country with a secular government was introduced

The followers of Islam, which itself is divided into several religions, and the most important of them

1- Hanafis: They form a significant population of Sunnis in Turkey
2- Shafi’i: a branch of Sunnis whose followers are mostly Kurds
3- Followers of other Sunni sects
4- Alevis, who are divided into four categories and according to the official statistics of the Turkish government, have about 12 million followers

b) Followers of other religions except Islam, who make up 2% of the total population of Turkey

Source: Wikipedia

The population of Turkey

With more than 77 million people, Turkey is one of the most populous countries in the Middle East, which according to Turkish statistics will reach more than 100 million people in 2040.

Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa are among the most populated cities in Turkey, which are also considered as tourist cities. Tunjali, the least populated city in Turkey, is located near the Iranian border

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