bilitur affiliate marketing Introduction

Terms and conditions of cooperation in sales

Introduction of cooperation system in ticket sales:

BILITUR.COM website is equipped with a modern marketing system during which site users can participate in site sales from anywhere in the world and earn money through this.

Note: To do this, you do not need to have any hardware properties and even technical information. The procedure is very simple.

In fact, all you have to do is:

1 Login to BILITUR.COM
2 Join the “Cooperation in Sales” system
(which will be taught below)
3 Build your own link by site
4 Share your own link on social networks!
the whole…

simply! In the following, how to join the sales cooperation system in Bilitor will be fully explained.

Learn how to make money from a sales collaboration system

In the   Bilitor business group, sales  cooperation is divided into three general parts (methods) as follows:

The first method is to use your own URL (dedicated url) that you can use in banners or place directly on the site or Telegram channel (in the place you are looking for advertising) so that users can click on it to proceed. Buy and through this the commission will be deposited into your account on the Bilitor site

The second method is to use a discount code or coupon that we can assign you coupons that your customer will use to receive a discount on our site and at the same time you will receive your commission percentage.

It should be noted that coupons are created periodically and by agreement and in special circumstances, and you can even put a percentage of your profits in the coupons that your customer can use. To create and use these coupons and more information, you can call our numbers

Method 3: If you have a proposal and solution or special and new conditions, let us know and cooperate with us in this way.

It is worth mentioning

To get started, you need  to create an account  in the sales section of our website

For whom is cooperation in ticket sales suitable?

– Owners of popular websites (online magazines and news sites, etc.)

– Blog owners

– Managers of social network pages and channels (those who have the most visited pages on Instagram, or are the owners of the active Telegram channel, or are members of many Telegram groups)

– Students (certainly have a lot of relationships in social networks can use this capacity to earn money)

– Housewives (can easily use their time and communication with family, friends and neighbors, especially in the telegram, to earn money)

Advantages of the ticket sales cooperation system:

1- Having a complete set of recreational and tourism services

2- No need for capital and physical location to earn money and sell

3- Reasonable price and reservation without intermediaries of various tourist services

4- Weekly settlement at the request of the user with dollar income

5- Payment of very suitable participation profit as sales profit

6- Clear and clear settlement

7- Deposit commission four times a month at the request of the webmaster

8- Using site services

9- Powerful and transparent software system in how to operate and sell products and calculate your commission

10 – Possibility of moment-by-moment and complete personal panel tracking

11- Support by email, phone and Telegram and WhatsApp ID

12- Do not deduct other fees such as fees or subscription fees

Ways to increase sales and revenue

To increase sales you can do some of the following:

– Put your own link (which has been prepared for you to cooperate in sales) in the social networks of Telegram and Instagram and share it in the channels and groups you have.

– Put service banners on your website if you have a popular website.

– Introducing face to face to your friends and acquaintances and persuasion to buy with your own link.

If you are a housewife who is a member of many telegram groups, you can easily earn up to $ 100 to $ 600 a month.