About Istanbul , one of the largest cities in the world, the economic capital of Turkey , the only Eurasian city in the world, a beautiful and attractive city for tourists, the largest city in Turkey, a city with many historical and natural attractions, Istanbul was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe in 2010

It is interesting to know that Istanbul ranks third among important tourist cities in terms of the number of passengers

Official website of Istanbul Municipality www.Ibb.Istanbul

About Istanbul History of Istanbul

Istanbul is an ancient city in Turkey, which was known as Constantinople in the past and was named Constantinople in the ancient Greek language. The history of this city is divided into 4 periods, 1 Eastern Rome, 2 Roman Empire , 3 Ottoman, 4 Republic

It is interesting to know that the architectural patterns of the city of Istanbul are a combination of Western Greek and Ottoman Islamic architecture, which adds to the beauty of this city

The extent of Istanbul

The size of the city of Istanbul is 1539 square kilometer

According to the website www.Macrotrends.Ne , the population of Istanbul in 2022 is about 15,600,000 people, and according to the forecast, the population of Istanbul will reach 18,000,000 people by 2035.

About Istanbul Religion and language in Istanbul

Like other Turkish cities, Istanbul has been highly influential in the past, the religion and religion of the urban society of Istanbul is Muslim like other Turkish cities, and the language of the society is also Istanbul Turkish, although in the immigrant and immigrant areas of Istanbul, you will see less religious people in this city

Geography of Istanbul

As mentioned , Istanbul is the only Eurasian city in the world, half of which is in Asia and the other half in Europe, the Bosphorus strait separates the Asian part from the European part of this city.

Currency in Istanbul

The currency of Istanbul is the Turkish lira, like other cities and provinces of Turkey

About Istanbul Weather of the city of Istanbul

The climate of Istanbul has four seasons and according to the changing season, of course, due to the geographical conditions of this city, sometimes there are heavy storms in autumn and spring. And Sharji, finally, this city has beautiful tourist attractions in all seasons that you can enjoy in different seasons.

Transportation in Istanbul

The expansion of Istanbul in the middle of the Bosphorus strait, as well as the relatively large population of this city, has made the municipality of Istanbul always be one of the most up-to-date cities in the world in terms of the development of public transportation. You can use this city to travel within the city of Istanbul by bus, metro, tram, private car, taxi, private and shared motorcycle, ferry, metrobus, dolmush (taxi van), personal and shared bicycle, personal and shared scooters. take advantage Click here for more details of Istanbul transportation systems

Istanbul tourist attractions

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What do we know about Istanbul?

In this article, we tried to briefly inform you about the basic needs of traveling to Istanbul

What is the population of Istanbul by 2022?

The population of Istanbul in 2022 is about 15,600,000 people